An Introduction


I’m Gillian, founder of Sustainable Made Simple, an online platform for sustainable clothing and lifestyle goods. I am creating this blog as a space to share a bit about the inner workings of the company, and to simplify topics in the sustainable world.

To begin, I want to define my use of the word ‘sustainable.’ As with all buzzwords, everyone seems to use it differently. So to clarify, I’ve taken the definition of ‘sustainability’ from the Oxford English Dictionary:

  1. The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

1.1 Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

For me, this can be applied not only in relation to the environment, but also to social and economic structures. Therefore, it serves as an umbrella term encompassing my company operating standards:

  1. Environmental values: Care for environmental impact throughout supply chains and business operations.
  2. Social values: Concern for people and animals affected throughout supply chains and business operations.
  3. Economic values: Sustainable business practices, as related to environmental and social issues, and world economic systems.
  4. Transparency: Public and authentic communication of values, actions and accountability.

It is against these that I judge brands and companies before promoting them on the Sustainable Made Simple website and social media.

To give you a little background about myself, I started Sustainable Made Simple out of a desire to live by my values. When I learned of slavery in the fashion industry while studying sociology at University, I began questioning how the clothes I loved were actually being made. Furthermore, while minoring in economics, I discovered that the fast fashion business model is not only unsustainable for the market, but also for the planet and the people on it. As I started looking for sustainable options when shopping, I realized that there was a lack of information needed to make responsible choices. It either didn’t exist, or was not easy to understand.

This frustration morphed into an excel spreadsheet where I kept track of ethical brands from around the world. As friends and family increasingly asked for advice based on my research, the idea for a beautiful, simple, online resource for all things sustainable was born. It’s sustainable, made simple!

So here we are, a few years on. You can now buy sustainable clothing in the webshop, learn how to make more sustainable choices through the guides, and read, watch and listen to all kinds of sustainable resources in the library. This is not the end of the road, however! I’m working hard to get more ethical brands on the webshop to broaden my offering. Ultimately, I want to include everything from clothing and homewares to contracting and design services!

I view this blog as a way to share my progress along the way, and to explore the sustainability sphere over time. I want to both simplify and dive deep into issues such as pricing transparency, conscious consumerism, individual impact, the plastic problem, and the zero-waste lifestyle. These topics are being discussed among ethical bloggers in insightful and thought provoking ways. I want to both share and discuss these ideas in plain terms to make them more approachable.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy following my journey and can learn something new about sustainability through this blog!

As always, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome! Please feel free to share via the contact form.

Yours truly,


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