Sustainability Reading 01

Sustainability Reading 01

Here I’ve put together a list of articles that have had an impact on me. They serve as a great starting point to begin learning about sustainability!

1. Eco-Fashion 101: Glossary of Common Terms:

From Magnieco Blog, “Eco-fashion looks at ways to mitigate the ills of the fashion industry. Also called ethical fashion, sustainable fashion and ecofashion, it is new method of business that takes into consideration the triple bottom line; the idea that a sustainable business considers the needs of all stakeholders (including other species) instead of solely maximizing profit for shareholders.”

This glossary will give you the definition of every sustainable term you’ve encountered and more!

  1. Fashion is the 8th Most Polluting Industry? By Alden Wicker of Ecocult; 9 May, 2017

Alden went on a journalist’s trek to find data to support the widely used “fact” that Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry. Ultimately she could not find evidence to support this, and dove deeper to determine the industry’s actual pollution standing. After much research, she initially determined that it is the 5th most polluting industry, however in light of new data and some recalculations, it could be the 8th. As you’ll see in a small note, she’s waiting on a new 2018 report to determine the final standing.

Reading this, you’ll get a glimpse into the complexities of the Fashion industry.

  1. Behind a $13 Shirt, a $6-an-hour Worker by Natalie Kitroeff and Victoria Kim for the Los Angeles Times; 31 August, 2017

Natalie and Victoria investigated “how Forever21 and other retailers avoid liability for factories that underpay workers to sew their clothes”, right here in the USA.

Included this article is a short video which visually shows how it’s possible to buy such a cheap shirt made in the US.

  1. Money Talk by Liz Pape; 2 January, 2017

Liz, Founder and CEO of own brand, Elizabeth Suzann, discusses “pricing, consumption, [her] business, what it means to be a consumer and a producer of things, and lots of stuff in between.” During the pricing discussion, Liz goes so far as to draw out her pricing model of a best selling top.

This is a bit of a lengthy article, but well worth the read, as it’ll give you a deep understanding of the behind-the-scenes of a brand.

For more articles, visit the reading section of my library on Bon + Vie!

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