A selection of organizations related to sustainability, apparel, manufacturing and textiles.


Global Fashion Exchange (GFX)


“An international platform promoting sustainability in the fashion industry with inspiring forums, educational content and cultural events. Through interactive clothing swaps GFX empowers consumers to take action for a better environment while they stylishly renew their wardrobe and save hundreds of thousands of clothes from going to the landfill."

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)


“Our mission is the development, implementation, verification, protection and promotion of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This standard stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecology and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials.”



"A global, independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future."

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)


"Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA, with regional offices in Hong Kong, SAR, and Dhaka, Bangladesh, full-time staff in India and Southeast Asia (Indonesia,Thailand and Vietnam), and for Latin America, WRAP is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education."




"Redress is a pioneering Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste and promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Through our dynamic programmes we work directly with designers, brands, manufacturers, industry professionals, educational organisations and consumers, to promote innovative models and drive growth towards a new circular economy for fashion."

North America

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)


“A global not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially.”



"Parley is the space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction."

Patagonia Action Works


"For almost 40 years, Patagonia has supported grassroots activists working to find solutions to the environmental crisis. But in this time of unprecedented threats, it’s often hard to know the best way to get involved. That’s why we’re connecting individuals with our grantees, in order to take action on the most pressing issues facing the world today."

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Sustainable Apparel Coalition


“The Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s vision is of an apparel, footwear, and textile industry that produces no unnecessary environmental harm and has a positive impact on the people and communities associated with its activities.”




“Our goal is to link chemicals suppliers, textile manufacturers, and brands together to foster a healthy, responsible, and profitable textile industry.”

Centre For Sustainable Fashion


“Explores vital elements of Better Lives London College of Fashion’s commitment to using fashion to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live.”

Circle Economy


“A social enterprise, organised as a cooperative, we accelerate the transition to circularity through on the ground, action focused, development of practical and scalable solutions and international campaigns, communications, and engagement, focused on spreading the circular message.”

Clean Clothes Campaign


“Dedicated to improving working conditions and supporting the empowerment of workers in the global garment and sportswear industries.”

Cradle to Cradle


“The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a non-profit organization, educates and empowers manufacturers of consumer products to become a positive force for society and the environment, helping to bring about a new industrial revolution.”



“A brand/marketing consultancy that helps businesses to grow, by creating, implementing and communicating sustainability solutions.”

Ethical Fashion Forum


“A not for profit network focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.”

Fair Wear Foundation


“Works with brands and industry influencers to improve working conditions where your clothing is made.”

Fair Trade International Organization (FLO)


“Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers.”



“Not-for-profit organisation, acting to improve environmental and social conditions within the fashion industry.”

Strawberry Earth Academy


“We believe you can have a positive impact with every choice you make.”

World Fair Trade Organization


“The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) is a global network of organisations representing the Fair Trade supply chain.”