Our Story

Gillian Stoddard, Founder

Gillian has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Economics. Her passion for sustainability stems from a desire to correct social injustice in the fashion industry.

Sustainability and fashion-enthusiast, Gillian Stoddard, founded Bon + Vie out of a personal desire to live her values. She had learned of slavery in the fashion industry while studying sociology at university, and began questioning how the clothes she loved were actually being made.

Through economics courses, she discovered that the fast fashion business model was not just unsustainable for the market, but also for the planet. As she started to pivot her closet towards more sustainable options, she realized that the information needed to make responsible choices simply didn’t exist or, when it did, it wasn’t easy to understand.

Her frustration morphed into an excel spreadsheet where she mapped out ethical brands from around the world. Friends and family asked for advice and guidance based on Gillian’s work, but spreadsheets are nearly as unapproachable as the resources she was sifting through to create it. From there, the idea for a beautiful, simple, online resource for all things sustainable was born. It’s sustainability, made simple!

Bon + Vie is headquartered in New York City, but works with brands from around the world.

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