Shipping & Returns

The Bon + Vie webshop is a dropshipper – a service to connect customers to brands and companies (suppliers), without keeping any physical stock. This system is utilized so that we make lowest possible environmental impact.

When a customer places an order on Bon + Vie, the order is sent to the supplier, who then ships the product directly to the customer. This is why you will receive a package from each brand that you buy from on Bon + Vie.

Because of this way of working, Bon + Vie charges flat shipping rates based on estimated costs of shipping within or between geographic regions. Bon + Vie adheres to each brand’s return and exchange policy. Therefore, the experience is the same as shopping at each brand separately, just all in one convenient location.


RETURNS: Please email us at to make a return request.

For brand-specific information about shipping, return and exchange options, please visit the brand’s shipping and return page via one of the links below.

For alternative shipping option requests or any questions, please email us at


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